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Monday, January 21st 2019

11:59 PM

Hitting the Reset Button Part 3 of 4

After Joseph passed away and was buried in Egypt, a new Pharaoh rose up who did not know Joseph or the relationship His family had with the royalty in Egypt. When the famine caused the nations to gather in Egypt, Jacob's family was invited to stay longer because Joseph was in a position of power.

As the years went by, Jacob's family grew tremendously because they were being fruitful and multiplying. This made the new Pharaoh nervous so he tried to wipe out the Hebrew children and made the adults slaves. 400 miserable years later, Moses leads them out of Egypt and they started the journey home to the Promised Land. Along the way, they grumbled and complained about everything. Many of them wanted to go back home to Egypt because they thought it would have been better to remain slaves than to die in the wilderness. I guess they forgot about the God part and how He was leading them to a better life.

Everybody wants to get to a better place but nobody is willing to take the journey.

God brought the Israelites out of slavery, gave them a new identity as the nation of Israel, and was leading them to the Promised Land. He provided the basic necessities of life and protected them during the journey. They were extremely blessed, but they chose to look back instead of looking forward. They became a hot mess and God ended up hitting the reset button by making them wander in the wilderness until the generation passed away and the new generation was old enough to take over.

They finally make it to the Promised Land and now they wanted a King. God was their King but that was not good enough. They wanted to be like the other nations so God gave them what they wanted. After Saul didn't work out, God hit the reset button again by giving them what they needed instead. God chose David to be their King because he was a man after God's own heart.

Saul's family was no longer royalty because of his unfaithfulness, and David's family became the authority for the nation. David received a promise that his throne would last forever, but he made a near fatal mistake that almost cost him everything.

Anybody who has read Psalms written by David should be able to see how passionate and emotional he was. Being a man after God's own heart, it is natural for David to be filled with passion. This passion was what drove him to be a mighty warrior who went after what he wanted and did not stop until he got it.

Unfortunately, that same passion that drove David to greatness became the uncontrollable lust driving him into a place of terrible toxic thinking that tore his family apart.

There are moments when our greatest strength can become our biggest weakness. A great visionary could struggle with the daily steps needed to reach the goals that were created. A loving heart could set up a person for becoming a door mat. A confident leader could be sidelined by a stubborn spirit. What can we do with those moments? There is not much we can do except for hitting the reset button.

When David was confronted about his sin with Bathsheba, he poured his heart out to God and asked for a chance to start over. Psalm 51 was written as a lament for his sin and a request for a clean heart. God heard the prayer and granted David forgiveness when He restored the throne and kept David's family as the authority for the nation.

If we hit the rest button and pour our hearts out to God, He will restore us and help us overcome our moments of weakness.

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