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Tuesday, January 1st 2019

12:23 AM

Hitting the Reset Button Part 1 of 4

As the new year begins, we have the opportunity to reflect upon our previous year and make decisions to change our lives for the better. This is a time when we can hit the reset button and start over. In my house, there are some electrical outlets called ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, and they are designed to protect whatever is plugged in during a power surge or other condition that would present an electrical hazard. A GFCI has been known to save house fires because they cut off the power that is causing an appliance to overheat or at worst, sparks that would be flying because of a short.

These outlets contain a small circuit breaker with 2 buttons: Test and Reset. It is a good idea to hit the test button on a regular basis to make sure the breaker is working properly. Whenever the breaker is activated, you have to hit the reset button to resume power once the problem has been corrected. In a similar way, there are moments in life when we may have to hit the reset button. Something goes wrong and a particular area needs attention, so you have to shut down long enough to correct the situation and start again.

Hitting the reset button is our built in defense against our mistakes.

When looking at the Bible, we can see many times when God had to hit the reset button. Beginning with the Garden of Eden, we can see how God created paradise where we could live with Him in perfect communion, but Adam and Eve made a huge mistake that caused God to take action against us.

In Genesis 2, God laid out the rules for living in the Garden so Adam and Eve were without excuse. They had one rule, and they broke it. God told them that they could eat from every tree in the garden except one, and that one tree ended up causing them to fall. How often have we been guilty of committing a similar crime? Instead of enjoying the other trees in the garden, they focused on the one tree that was forbidden.

Way too often, we tend to focus on the one forbidden fruit instead of enjoying the blessings we have already received.

When we fall down, how do we get back up? We need to hit the reset button. God kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden, but He did not stop caring for them. He made clothes for them and allowed them to stay close. When Cain and Abel were born, we see sacrifices being made which shows us that God was still near them and accepted their gifts for Him.

For this reason, I have a theory that the Garden of Eden was not destroyed yet. In Genesis 3:24, we see that God placed cherubim and a flaming sword to guard the way to the tree of life. Why would He have to guard the way unless it was still available for Adam and Eve to find? Could it be that God planned to let them come back in after they corrected their actions that led to being kicked out? Of course, we know that they never went back in so they must not have made the necessary changes.

God kept the Garden of Eden available until the flood destroyed everything.

When man became so evil that God could not stand being around them anymore, He wanted to just cancel the project instead of hitting the reset button. Fortunately for us, Noah and his family changed God's mind by remaining faithful to Him. Thanks to their faithfulness, God hit the reset button and gave us a chance to restore our relationship with Him. After the flood, the world was reset, and now we have another chance to get it right. Did we finally get it right, or did we mess up again? To be continued...

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