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Easter 2017

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Sunday, May 20th 2018

10:37 PM

Living Water

It was the Spring concert for the Palmetto Girls Sing group, and we thoroughly enjoyed their music. They began by surrounding us and singing "Fairest Lord Jesus" while reading Psalm 100 between the verses. I closed my eyes and smiled because it was like the angels singing, except instead of white robes, they were wearing blue dresses.

Along with a great beginning, there was a song that struck my heart called "A Flint Holds Fire" which was inspired by the water crises in Flint, Michigan that began in 2014.

Here is a brief summary I found online:

The Flint water crisis began in 2014 when the drinking water source for the city of Flint, Michigan was changed to the Flint River. Due to insufficient water treatment, over 100,000 residents were potentially exposed to high levels of lead in the drinking water. After a pair of scientific studies proved lead contamination was present in the water supply, a federal state of emergency was declared in January 2016 and Flint residents were instructed to use only bottled or filtered water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. As of early 2017, the water quality had returned to acceptable levels; however, residents were instructed to continue to use bottled or filtered water until all the lead pipes have been replaced, which is expected to be completed no sooner than 2020.

I also learned that some of the effects from lead poisoning are permanent. The stories that were shared during the song were heartbreaking. Drinking water is something many people take for granted, but when it is contaminated, the problem is real.

In the church, we have the Living Water to keep our spiritual lives hydrated, but when that water is contaminated, our health becomes compromised.

How does the Living Water become contaminated? First of all, we need to remember that the Living Water is from Jesus, and it is a gift to us. In John 4, Jesus said that anyone who drinks from the Living Water will never thirst again. He also said in John 7 that those who come to Him will have rivers of Living Water flowing out of their hearts. John helped us out by telling us that Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit.

The Living Water is the Holy Spirit. How is it possible to contaminate our lives while we have the Holy Spirit? It is not as hard as some may think.

When water is contaminated, there is a foreign element introduced that does not belong. That foreign element causes the water to become dangerous to consume and a risk to health because it has turned into poison. Our spirits are contaminated in the same way.

When we have the Holy Spirit in our lives, we must be careful not to introduce foreign elements that do not belong because it will become a health risk to our spiritual lives. What is a foreign element? It could be something as complex as a drug addiction or something as simple as a movie that we should not be watching.

Small amounts of lead in the water may not cause much damage, but over time, those small amounts can build up and become something worse. Small amounts of sin in our lives may not cause much damage at first, but if we continue to let it build up, the sin becomes deadly to our spirits, and we will no longer have rivers of Living Water flowing from our hearts.

This is why we must drink in the pure, Living Water that comes from Jesus instead of contaminating our lives with something that does not belong.

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