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Easter 2017

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Saturday, December 23rd 2017

11:33 PM

The Many Parts of the Masterpiece

Last Sunday, I had the great privilege of being able to sing with the Chancel Choir at First Presbyterian for their Festiva Christmas Concert. Since we have no choir at our church, this is my chance to work out my Baritone voice and be part of a great group of singers who share my love for music.

For our concert, we had the children singing with us and the Emerald Bells along with others playing instruments. While we were at dress rehearsal, I was watching the Emerald Bells play, and I saw the sheet music being used. I have seen many different types of sheet music, and they are usually customized to the instrument being played. However, the hand bells had the same sheet of music for each part, so they had to circle their notes with red ink and watch for their moment to be heard.

The Emerald Bells had many different sounds, but they formed one song.

The part that impressed me the most was the way the bells worked together to create a beautiful song. With the director counting the beat, each bell would ring at the appointed time with the right amount of intensity to blend with the other bells. If one bell would have been louder than the others, the whole song would not sound right. The bell ringers must have been extremely patient and committed to the finished product in order to finish the required practices needed for the concert.

The director had to pull the entire group together so they could maintain unity throughout the entire song.

There were many different parts involved, but the finished product was one complete song, and this is not by accident. In the same way, the birth of Jesus was one complete event with many different parts involved.

When I think about the narratives describing the birth of Jesus, I can't help but admire the work of the master artist.  With each detail unfolding at just the right time with the right amount of intensity, every part of the Original Christmas Story worked in perfect harmony with the master plan, and the end result is the masterpiece we have in the Bible.

Can you imagine what would happen in one part of the Original Christmas Story clashed with the big picture?

Even the smallest detail would have created issues for the nativity scene if it was not part of the master plan. This is what makes the birth of Christ that much more amazing! God made the plan to come to earth at just the right time, into the right family, under the right conditions for maximum reach, with the right followers to carry on after the ascension, and now we are the ones who benefit from this masterpiece.

As we celebrate Christmas and the coming of the Christ child, we should remember that this did not happen by accident. There was a master plan created by the master artist who made a way for us to make it to heaven.

Merry Christmas!

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