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Easter 2017

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Saturday, October 14th 2017

1:00 AM

Family Events Are Optional

I just looked at the date of my last article and realized that I am probably one of the most inconsistent writers out there. I guess I have been just a tad busy with church stuff, family stuff, and moving into a house. Well, now is a good time to get started again so here is something to think about.

Let's call this guy Joe. Joe is part of a big family that is spread out in the city. He has a brother who lives on the south side, a sister on the west side, and another brother who lives in the next county. Their parents still live in the same house they grew up in, and all of the kids visit often.

The kids visit often, but only when it is convenient for them.

The parents are big on holiday gatherings, and they make a big deal out of birthdays too. They often invite their kids to show up for various family events, but most of the time, after showing up late, the kids are quick to leave as soon as they find a way out. The events are awkward because nobody wants to be there, but they love their parents, and family is important to all of them.

The kids love their parents, especially when the parents benefit the kids in some way.

Joe lost his job a couple of years ago, so his parents helped him pay the rent for a while. During that period of transition into a new job, Joe visited 2-3 times per week making sure the house was in good repair and the yard looked great. Once he no longer needed the help with rent, he stopped visiting his parents and creates many excuses for why he doesn't show up for family events.

Joe had many reasons for not showing up but not a single excuse.

Unfortunately, this family sounds way too familiar. I wonder where I may have seen something like this before? I guess we could replace the word "œFamily"€ with the word "€œChurch" and see what happens. Here we go.

The church is made up of the family of God. The members visit the church often, but only when it is convenient for them. They usually show up late and leave as soon as they find a way out. They love the church and church is important to them, but when the church does not benefit them, they come up with reasons why they can’t show up for the "€œFamily"€ events. They come up with several reasons but not a single excuse. Does this sound familiar?

Let'€™s make it a goal that we don'™t become that family/church.

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